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30/11/2011 Tor Leisure Lease returned to MDC

The 25 year TLC lease was originally granted to Cutsdean Leisure and purchased in 1992 by Rik Cook with the agreed intention of providing financially self sufficient and sustainable development plans for the centre particularly as the building was in such a poor state of repair.

As it turned out, although the Secretary of State approved a comprehensive redevelopment of the main building, the owners decided against the scheme and it was agreed that it was time for them to tear up that lease and start again.

As in the late '80's, Mendip took on the "business" employing their own staff and carrying out essential roof and electrical installations.(More to follow)

Tor Playing Fields Association

05/05/2010 A formal application to form a charitable association to ensure the long term survival of the Open Public Space here has been lodged with Glastonbury Town Council and the owners, Mendip District Council.This is a major step forward for Tor Leisure first conceived in 2003 which is now supported by key professional individuals in Sports Management and Development.The Association in whatever form it takes will also be able to access funds for playing surface and amenity improvements as the needs arise to satisfy the ever growing demands of this vital community asset.

Tor Leisure Planning Application

The application to build Ground and 1st Floor extensions to provide additional use of 15 b&b rooms was granted permission on 29th December 2007.Plans can easily be viewed, simply Click Here These have now been updated to full working drawing prior to submission for Building Regulation approval.
There are three main developments, The Function Room which will become an up to date fully AV equipped auditorium for plays, showcases, conferences, filmshows and any number of music, arts and media events apart from traditional family parties, get togethers or fundraisers.
Secondly, the ground floor extensions will provide new changing rooms, new and additional wcs, a lobbied entrance, bigger bar servery, new office and cellar and of course new heating electrics and water supplies.
On top will be some existing flat conversion and the addition of 15 bedrooms and pitched roof loft space.

Some concerns were raised that some trees in the car park would be damaged but as a professional tree surgeon has pointed out two of them need to be felled as they are diseased with canker which makes them very brittle and could spread to the other trees.

The planning application submitted in January 2006 was passed in December 2007 by the Secretary of State as Mendip had failed to make a decision within the legal time frame. The application was never refused.

Working drawings were completed in january 2010 and are currently out to tender with several local building firms and suppliers.If any other parties are interested in the final layouts with a view to offer quotations please visit us at Tor Leisure where full details are available.
Secretary of State appeal decision

An application for Landlords consent was submitted in June of 2005 and was activated in January 2006.This has been received fairly negatively with concerns that have all been addressed.
With the submission of an application to form a Tor Playing Fields Association, we would hope reconsideration of the proposal will soon be forthcoming to allow the Centre to develop along with the needs and aspirations of the Community.

Consent application confirmed

The following links to Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments, commissioned by Mendip District Council, form part of the Core Strategy of the Local Development Framework.

Tor Leisure extracts from SHLAA 2005

SHLAA 2005 in full Takes a long time to load.

Tor Leisure extracts from SHLAA2008

SHLAA 2008 in full Takes a long time to load.

SHAAL 2009 in full

Gazette article 27 08 09

Tor Leisure reply

Bowls Club letter

SCC fixtures on local grounds

Pub Style Cricket

We are keen to re-start the evening social cricket league that we used to run including teams from Snows, Riflemans, Rugby Club and so on.We do need someone to help with running the league for which we know there is renewed interest since Glastonbury CC gave up on it.Please contact us at Tor Leisure to register an interest for the 2010 season.

School of Martial Movement -Bu Ha Kai-

Starting reagular weekly classes in techniques, principals and applications of martial arts.

Benefits include: Increased physical fitness. Good level of practical self defence. Higher levels of self esteem. Greater self confidence. Conflict resolution skills. Anger and stress management. An inner state of well being.

Classes starting on Tuesday 13th Jan 2009 5-6pm (6-12yrs)
6-7pm (13+)

Beginners welcome
Places are limited so please contact us to register and confirm a place.

Contact: or call: 07828 334468

Youth Initiative

It's all hands on decks as club is a hit with youth Thursday, February 04, 2010, 08:34

There have now been 4 Dub Club events all with impressive numbers of attendance.SYVN who run the events are a wonderful bunch who genuinely understand and can deal with the needs of our local kids and deserve all the respect, help and gratitude from Glastonbury residents for their committment to this project, long may it last. DJ Fivestack is always on hand to play a blistering Drum n' Bass set.

Of course, now we've gone and done it by investing (loads!) in a kick-ass Deacon stack sound system which is absolutely crystal clear!Suddenly a disorderly queue of dj's and bands has formed outside the front door who all want to play with the new toy!

A spokesman for the local action team said those attending had been as good as gold a real credit to themselves, and to their parents.


Glastonbury Tor Football Club will be starting up in September 2010. They will be playing in the Midsomerset League on Saturday afternoons. If you are interested in joining, please Contact us


Due to popular demand we are keeping two frisbee pitches marked in over the winter season. There will be practice sessions on Sunday afternoons with Jae Willis. If you are interested just turn up.

Glastonbury's first Frisbee team Supermannschaft won the annual tournament in 2009 competing against some of the best teams across the country.This year though will see the formation of a second team named Glastofarians (just SO Glastonbury!!)

Avalon Can

Although AvalonCAN have disbanded, we still make space available for one off community workshops for the groups and individuals associated with the project.We are sure once funding opportunities are re-established this vibrant group will re-emerge as an even more essential focus group for the many individual artists in the area.

There is no doubt the new improved facilities will be a great asset to the group and we are very pleased we are able to provide a friendly environment in which they can work and play.The range of future activities already briefly discussed is endless as all art should be and there are no doubt wonderful times ahead for all the community to participate with and enjoy.

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